Training & Consulting

Emotional Intelligence Training

We provide onsite and remote training from 1/2 day to 3 days in length. We use our EQ tools as part of the training, so participants can easily take their learning into their daily lives after the training!  Contact us for more details.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

What are your EQ strengths and challenges?  We offer third party and customized assessments for establishing individual and organizational baselines for Emotional Intelligence.

Employee Engagement Programs

According to Gallup, only 30% of employees are engaged in a typical organization.  While many engagement programs focus on external circumstances (e.g., more snacks in the break room and clearer job descriptions), our program focuses on engaging employees through Emotional Intelligence.  Research shows that EQ is significant predictor of engagement, and that improved EQ leads to greater job satisfaction, well-being and engagement.*  Contact us to learn more about this exciting new approach to employee engagement.


Do you need help making your meetings more productive using feedback technology, or implementing on ongoing Emotional Intelligence program?  Are you interested in custom web development to integrate Inside Feedback tools into your company’s website or portal?  Contact us to discuss consulting options.

*Brunetto, Teo, Shacklock, Farr-Wharton “Emotional Intelligence, job satisfaction, well-being and engagement” (2012), and Murthy, Ravindranath (2013), “Emotional Intelligence and Work Engagement”

More Details on Using Inside Feedback Technology in Organizations:


Our check-in tool can be used to quickly and easily add emotional intelligence to meetings.  Participants can use computers, phones or tablets to anonymously send their listening and agreement level to the meeting organizer (remote participants can join, too!). If listening or agreement drops too low, the organizer can initiate a group check-in to see what’s going on.  Perhaps people are feeling anxious about recent changes, or they might just be hungry.  In addition to helping the meeting organizer, this brief pause (usually about 1 minute), allows participants to increase their self-awareness.  The meeting moderator can then share the group results so participants, which allows everyone to increase their social awareness.  Contact us to be considered for a Meeting Admin account.

Trainings & Classrooms

There are many great Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessments out there, but what if your students could practice EQ skills in real time?  Our check-in allows students to exercise their self-awareness muscles, and then see the group’s results, which exercises their social awareness.  It only takes about a minute for each check-in and the results can be saved and reported on later.  Contact us to be considered for a Trainer Admin account.

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