Emotional Intelligence – Made Easier

If you haven’t heard of Emotional Intelligence, the idea is pretty simple:

  1. By increasing our awareness of our feelings and distinguishing these from our thoughts, we can improve our ability to manage our emotions.
  2. By increasing our awareness of other people’s feelings, we can become more effective (and compassionate!) in managing our relationships.

Using our one-minute check-ins, you can build your awareness “muscles.”  You can then add a journal entry to your check-in to record what was occurring at the time of the check-in (e.g., “I was preparing for my big exam.”).  You can also graph your results over days, weeks or months to see how your Curiosity, Frustration, Happiness or Anxiety are tracking.

By using (anonymous) check-ins in group settings (meetings, classrooms, etc.) you can increase your awareness of other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Get started with the Individual Check-In, Journaling and Reporting today.  It’s free!

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